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Terms and conditions

The Internet shop operating under the address: www.lasers24.com/www.lasery.semicon.com.pl is operated by: Semicon sp. z o.o. seated in Warsaw, at 43/43A Zwoleńska street, entered into the registry of entrepreneurs, maintained by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, Economic Department of the National Court Registry - under KRS number KRS:0000068554, with share capital of 50 000 PLN, fully paid, NIP number NIP 526 03 03 208. Company contact information: Semicon sp. z o.o., 43/43A Zwoleńska street, 04-761 Warsaw, tel.: (022) 615 73 71, (022) 615 64 31 fax: (022) 615 73 75 e-mail: info@semicon.com.pl. Connection cost at operator’s rates.

§ 1


The definitions applied herein mean:
1.1. Customer– a physical entity, with full ability to undertake legal actions, legal entity or organizational unit not being a legal entity with legal capacity granted by special regulations, placing an order in the Shop.

1.2. Consumer – a physical entity performing a legal action with the entrepreneur not directly connected with its business or professional activity.

1.3. Regulations– the hereby Regulations for electronic supply of services via the Internet Shop: www.lasers24.com/www.lasery.semicon.com.pl

1.4. Internet Shop (Shop) – the Internet service www.lasers24.com/www.lasery.semicon.com.pl, being an intermediary for the Customer for placing Orders, maintained by Semicon sp. z o.o.

1.5. Goods – goods presented in the Internet Shop.

1.6. Promotional sale and sale-off – goods being productive excess, end of series and as such prone to hidden or open defects. The Seller informs that, in accordance of art. 557 of the Civil Code: the seller is released from liability for guarantee, if the purchaser knew about the defect as for the time of the contract conclusion.

1.7. Order – the Customer’s declaration of will, directly expressing its willingness to conclude the Sale Contract with intermediary of the Internet Shop.

1.8. Sale Contract – the contract on sale of Goods in the form of an distance agreement concluded by and between the Customer and Semicon sp. z o.o.

1.9. Civil Code – the act as of the 23rd of April 1964 (Journal of Laws no. 16, item 93 with amendments).

1.10. Consumer Rights Act – the act as of the 30th of May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws 2014, item 827).

1.11. The Act on Electronically Supplied Services – the act as of the 18th of July 2002 electronically supplied services (Journal of Laws no. 144, item 1204 with amendments).

§ 2

General provisions

  1. The Shop sales Goods via the Internet network.
  2. The Shop manages Order from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 16.00. Orders may be placed for 24 hours, 7 days a week, on the website: www.lasers24.com/www.lasery.semicon.com.pl.
  3. The Goods offered in the Shop are presented on the website: www.lasers24.com/www.lasery.semicon.com.pl.
  4. The content located on the Shop website, in particular specifications and prices of Goods are an invitation to conclude the contract in the meaning of art. 71 of the Civil Code.
  5. Upon placing an order in the Shop, the Customer provides its consent to personal data processing for the purposes connected with the order management. The set of personal data processed in the Shop is registered in national registry of personal data, maintained by the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection, according to the Act as of the 29th of August 1997 on personal data protection (unified text: Journal of Laws 2002 no. 101 item 926, with amendments). Semicon sp.z o.o., as the Shop owner, is the data administrator.
§ 2

Procedure of order placement and sale contract conclusion

  1. Order placement in the Shop is realized via www.lasers24.com/www.lasery.semicon.com.plwebsite.
  2. Purchase upon registration are preceded by creation of an account in the Shop. Registration is confirmed by clicking on an activation link sent to an e-mail address provided by the Customer in its registration form.
  3. Order placement is also possible as an one-off purchase option without an obligation to register.
  4. The Customer places an order by selecting Goods in the Shop, placing them in the basket, performing proper purchase options, correct filling of the shipment form and acceptance of the order in the manner compliant with the instructions available during purchasing, as well as by acceptance of the Regulations. If the Goods included in the order are available, the Shop informs the Customer via e-mail on acceptance of the order for processing with indication of the Goods price, realization date, quantity of the ordered Goods, delivery costs and instructions on the purchase process of the ordered Goods. The Customer confirms its order by clicking on a link sent in an e-mail within 24 hours since its receipt. In case of failure of such confirmation, the order is deemed as not placed and results in not being accepted for further processing.
  5. The aforementioned confirmation of the order creates the statement of will to conclude the sale contract with Semicon sp. z o.o., in accordance with the content of the Regulations.

§ 3

Processing orders


The Shop processes orders placed and confirmed by the Customer in the manner compliant with the Regulations. The order processing commences:
a) in case of payment by bank transfer: if the funds are acknowledged on the Shop bank account until 12:00. In case the funds are accounted as of the date falling on a public holiday, the order processing commences on the next working day. 

b) in case of payment on delivery: upon confirmation of the order by the Customer in manner specified in § 2 point 5 sentence 2 of the Regulations.  

The Customer can introduce changes to its order until the accounting document has been issued, i.e. VAT invoice or a fiscal receipt. The order modification is possible upon previous contacting the Shop and obtaining confirmation of the introduced changes in the form of an e-mail.
[Maria Woł2] The Customer has the right to withdraw from the correctly placed and confirmed order, not later than until the accounting document has been issued, as specified in § 3 point 2 sentence 1rozpoczęcia realizacji zamówienia. In case of withdrawal from the order, the Customer is obliged to connect the Shop in the form of an e-mail at the address: sklep@semicon.com.pl, providing its order number.
Availability of Goods sold in the Shop varies. The Shop completes Goods available in the Shop warehouse or delivered by outsourced suppliers. The Shop directs the order for shipment after the ordered Goods have been completed and in compliance with payment rules contained herein.
The Shop processes orders placed in the scope of promotional sale and sale-off. The number of Goods covered by such form of sale is limited and order processing is realized according to the sequence of placement of orders until all stock has been sold off.
With respect to the Customer not being a Consumer, the Shop reserves the right to withdraw from the order or to modify such order in case of technical or tele-informatic error in Goods labelling, including specifications, technical parameters, availability and price. The Shop reserves the right to set individual sale conditions for order covering quantities exceeding 10 pieces of specified Goods. The Shop reserves the right to withdraw from order processing in case the Customer fails to comply with the provisions of the Regulations.
§ 4



The Goods ordered in the Shop are sent tot the Customer on the basis on placed and confirmed orders and upon consideration of payment terms specified herein.

Delivery time is calculated from receipt of shipment from the Shop by the carrier, until the first attempt to deliver the shipment to the Customer. Delivery time does not include the process of Goods availability verification, payment and completion of Goods for shipment.

The ordered Goods are delivered via courier postal services of UPS or DHL, according to the agreement between the Shop owner and UPS Polska sp. z o.o. as of the 1st of June 2009 or between the Shop owner and DHL [...].

Delivery time is within 24 hours in case of deliveries on Polish territory and within 48 hours in case of deliveries on European Union territory.

Delivery time of various Goods included on a single order is subject to prolongation due to the reasons not attributable to the Shop. The hereby provisions apply solely to the Customer not being a Consumer.

Delivery cost is not included in the price of the ordered Goods. Information on delivery cost is available during order placement in the Shop, in the Basket tab. Current information on delivery costs are also available in the Shop, in Help tab, section Delivery.

The Customer is obliged to verify the shipment upon its receipt. In case any mechanical defects or damages to the received Goods are detected, or in case the order is incomplete, the Customer is obliged to immediately report such fact to the courier and to prepare incompliance/damage protocol at the presence of the courier.

Upon the shipment receipt confirmation, by signing receipt document for the courier, the Customer receives the ownership right to the goods covered by the placed order.

The order placed in the Shop can also be picked in person by the Customer, from 8:00 until 16:00 at the seat of Semicon sp. z o.o. company, in Warsaw, at 43/43A Zwoleńska street. In case of personally picked orders, the Shop requires previous contact on the phone, at number: 22 615 73 71 for the purpose of setting the term of Goods completion for the Customer.

§ 5



Prices of the Goods are specified in net and gross Polish zloty/Euro. The Shop may grant a discount on the price set for specific Goods. The Shop accepts the following methods of payment from its Customers:
a)     Payment via bank transfer as pre-payment form to the Shop bank account;

2. The Shop documents sale of Goods in the form of a fiscal receipt or VAT invoice. The documents are issued according to the option selected by the Customer upon order placement. Fiscal receipt or VAT invoice are issued upon complete preparation of an order for shipment.

§ 6

Withdrawal from the Contract by the Consumer


  1. The Customer being a Consumer has the right to withdraw from distance contract without stating the reason in the period of 14 days since the receipt of the ordered Goods by submitting a written statement to the following address: Semicon sp. z o.o., 43/43A Zwoleńska street, 04 – 761 Warsaw, or by an e-mail to the address: sklep@semicon.com.pl. Template of the statement constitutes an annexe to the hereby Regulations.
  2. The Goods returned as specified in § 6 point 1 of the Regulations must be returned by the Customer to the following address: Semicon sp. z o.o., 43/43A Zwoleńska street, 04 – 761 Warsaw.
  3. The Customer must attach a copy of a purchase document to the returned Goods.
  4. The Shop, immediately, however, not later than within 14 days since the receipt of such statement as specified in § 6 par. 1 above, returns to the Consumer all payments made by the Consumer, including shipment costs. The Shop may refrain from payment return until the receipt of goods or until delivery of the proof of return of Goods, depending on which of the events occur earlier. If the Customer selects the manner of returning Goods other than the cheapest regular manner of delivery offered by the Shop, then the Shop is not obliged to return to the Customer any additional expenses incurred by the Customer.
  5. An option of return of Goods as specified in § 6 point 1 does not apply to:
a)     Stamped audio or visual recordings, or stamped computer software packages of which have been opened after delivery;

b)     Goods manufactured according to the Consumer specifications of expressly custom-made.

§ 7

Guarantee and Claims

  1. Goods available in the Shop are brand new, free from any physical or legal defects and legally introduced onto Polish market.
  2. Goods available in the Shop are covered by manufacturer’s guarantee or the guarantee of its authorised representative on Polish territory.
  3. Rights resulting from the guarantee shall be executed in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in guarantee card attached to the ordered Goods.
  4. Obligations resulting from the guarantee are executed by service network, specified in the guarantee document. The list of service points is available in the Shop. In Help tab, section Guarantee.
  5. Any claims are investigated by the Shop on the basis of the Customer’s statement submitted in a written form and of the opinion of the manufacturer or its authorised representative.
  6. The process of claim investigation shall be commenced by the Shop immediately after receipt of the claimed Goods with the Customer’s claim in a written form. In case of a grounded claim, the guarantee is realized by repair of the defected goods or replacement for goods free of any defects. In case the claim has not been accepted, the Goods are sent back at the Customer’s expense.
  7. The Shop excludes liability for warranty for Goods offered in the Shop, unless the Customer is a Consumer.
  8. The Shop reserves the right not to grant any guarantee for specific Goods, in particular, for the Goods sold at discounted prices in the form of promotional sale or sale-off. With respect to such Goods, also any warranty liability of the Shop is excluded, unless the Customer is a Consumer.

§ 8

Information on cookie files


1.     The shop uses cookie files.

2.     Cookie files (so called „cookies”) are IT data, in particular text files, stored in end-device of the Shop Customer and intended for using the Shop websites. Usually, cookies contain the website name they originate from, storage time on end device and unique number.

3.     The Shop is the entity which locates cookie files on the Customer end device and gains access to such files.

4.     Cookie files are used for the following purposes:

a.      Creation of statistics which helps to understand the manner the Shop Customers use websites, providing the way to improve their structure and content;

b.     Maintaining the Shop Customer session (after log-in) allowing the Customer not to re-enter its login and password on each Shop website;

c.      Specification of the user profile for displaying dedicated materials in advertising campaigns, in particular in Google network.  

5.     The Shop uses two basis types of cookie files: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files stored on end device of the Customer until logging off, closing a website or turning off software (website browser). Persistent cookies are stored in end device of the Customer for finite period of time specified in cookie parameters or until they are deleted by the Customer.

6.     Software for browsing websites (Internet browser) usually, by default, allows storage of cookies on the Customer’s end device. The Shop Customers can change the setting in this respect. The Internet browser allows for deletion of cookie files. It is also possible to automatically block cookie files. You can find all detailed information in Help menu or documentation of the Internet browser.

7.     Limitations in cookie files usage can impact some functions available on the Shop websites.

8.     Cookie files stored in the Customer end device can also be used by advert providers and partners cooperating with the Shop operator.

9.     We advise you to read privacy security policy of such companies in order to know the rules of cookie file usage in the statistics: Privacy Security Policy of Google Analytics.

10.  Cookie files can be sued by advertising networks, in particular by Google network, for displaying dedicated adverts, adjusted to the manner of the Shop using. For such purposes, the files can retain information of the user navigation path or the time for which a specific website is displayed.

11.  In the scope of information on the user’s preferences, recorded by Google advertising network, the user can browse and edit information resulting from cookie files with the tool: https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/


§ 9

Used electric and electronic equipment
  1. The Customer can return any used electronic or electric equipment to the Shop, not subject to any charges, at the amount not higher than the new equipment purchased in Semicon sp. z o.o., provided the used equipment is of the same sort.
  2. In the case specified in § 8 par. 1 of the Regulations, the Customer send used equipment to the following address: Semicon sp. z o.o., 43/43A Zwoleńska Street 04 – 761 Warsaw.

§ 11

Final provisions

1.       The Shop accepts returns of Goods by the Customer not being a Consumer, upon acceptance of the Shop expressed in written and e-mail form. Returns apply solely to Goods which, in particular:

a)     Do not bear any usage signs;

b)     Remain at unchanged quantity.

2.       In case of any disputes arising from the sale contract between the Shop and the Customer, the parties shall seek an amicable solution of the dispute and, if this is not possible, the court applicable for resolving disputes between the Customer and the Shop, resulting from concluded sale contracts shall be the court applicable for the domicile of the Shop, with reservation that the aforementioned rule does not apply to the Customer being a Consumer. In such case general rules apply.

For the matters not provided for herein the general rules apply, in particular the provisions:
a)     Of the Act as of the 29th of August 1997 i.e. as of the 17th of June 2002 i.e. as of the 26th of June 2014 on personal data protection;

b)     Of the Act as of the 29th of July 2005 i.e. as of the 21st of June 2013 on used electric and electronic equipment;

c)     Of the Act as of the 18th of July 2002 i.e. as of the 15th of October 2013 on electronically supplied services;

d)     Of the Act as of the 23rd of April 1964, the Civil Code;

e)     Of the Act as of the 30th of May 2014 on consumer rights;.

f)      Of the Act as of the 16th of July, Telecommunication Law.

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